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Success #15 – How He Built A Great Customer Service Culture To Help Thousands of Wedding Couples – With Timothy Chi

How often did you experience something really frustrating?

Pretty often!

But how often did you actually take action to solve it and help millions of others solve it as well?

Err…it’s pretty hard!

But not for this founder. He founded two profitable companies when he was really frustrated with the experience from his life.

And not only did he take action to solve it, but also make sure millions of others never experience the frustration like he had.


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About Timothy Chi

Timothy is a serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded Blackboard Inc in 1998. While at Blackboard, Timothy helping the company grow to over 600 employees and a valuation of over $750 Million. Today, Timothy is the founder/CEO of WeddingWire, an online marketplace for wedding. Along with his cofounders, Jeff, Lee and Sonny they are building a technology company that would revolutionize the wedding and event industry.


Success Quote

  • “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” ~ Thomas Edison


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