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Success #20: How This Entrepreneur Gets Paid For His Hobby For 14 Years & Builds A $25-Million Software Company – With Thuy Mai


When Thuy quitted his high-paying job at NASA back in 2000, his
friends asked “Why did you quit your secured job?”
He said: “when I came to the US, I was empty-handed. So anything up to
this point for me is a bonus!”

This mentality has been one of the biggest motivation to help his
global company  DiCentral become one of the most dominant player in the supply
chain industry with revenue over $25million.

He never considered himself success yet.

Thuy said: “I Simply got paid for my hobby and doing what i loves.”

On this episode, you will:

1. Steal The #1 Secret Effective Weapon Thuy Leveraged To Attract Top Talent Team
2. Discover The #1 Mistake of Entrepreneur
3. Grab Three proven  tips Thuy and his team applied to manage an international team of 5 countries: US, Vietnam, China, HongKong, Canada


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About Thuy Mai

Thuy Mai is CEO of DiCentral, a leading global innovator in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software and service solutions with offices in US, Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong and over 300+ employees worldwide. In recognizing Thuy’s effort to help supply chain community solve significant challenges, he was named a Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive in 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Success Quote

  • “Whatever you do; you have to be passionate in what you do and success will come after.”


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