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Success #22 : How This Female Entrepreneur Built The Largest Professional Networking Site In Vietnam – With Thanh Nguyen

When you work for corporate job with nice salary and a comfortable lifestyle, who wouldn’t get comfortable over time?

Getting bored of living in the “comfort zone” for so long, this woman decisively choose to start her entrepreneurial path for just 1 year.

But now, she’s on her 7th year with, the largest online professional networking site with over 100,000 members in Vietnam.

On this interview, Thanh will share her journey to grow a company to over 100K members in 3 years.

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About Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen is founder/CEO of, a Vietnamese version of, the largest online network of management professionals in Vietnam with over 100,000 members. She is aslo a marketer and used to work as a marketer for Uniliver to help them manage three regional brands in five countries. In addition to Anphabe, she’s also an editor and a host of the Share to Success TV show on FBNC, a domestic finance and economics channel, for the last two years.


Success Quote

  • “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.”


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