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Success #11: How This Passionate Producer Of The Award-Winning Documentary “Operation Babylift” Built This Exciting Non-Profit Platform To Help Orphanages – With Tammy Nguyen Lee



For the majority of people, the term “Operation Babylift” was an event in the past but for this passionate woman, it is the biggest project of her life. Let’s dive in and discover how Tammy Nguyen Lee did it and how her current hybrid non-profit organization becomes a platform for Asian American to express themselves and to lead.

There are several key points I think you’ll be especially interested in.

  • Discover one of Tammy’s most powerful skill – story-telling and how you can do it too!
  • The #1 book Tammy recommended to read and how this book empowered her to make beautiful things happen.



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About Tammy Nguyen Lee

Tammy Nguyen Lee is a passionate producer, filmmaker and actor, president and founder of Against The Grain Productions, a nonprofit organization, promotes Asian American cultural awareness through compelling media projects and raises funds for international orphanages. She produced/directed the award-winning documentary, Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam, an independent passion project that took nearly 5 years to produce and won the Audience Choice Award at the 2009 Vietnamese International Film Festival and Philadelphia Asian Film Festival.



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