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Success #6: How a man attacked by pirates built a $60 million company – with Andrew Ly


On his recent trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown on Nov 25th 2013, President Barack Obama “singled out” a remarkable success story – from refugee to Founder,  Andrew Ly – President and CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery. On his quest to flee the war from Vietnam, he and his family were attacked multiple times by pirates. But those miserable mishaps can’t stop him from building the largest family-owned company in Northern California.

I invited Andrew to tell you his story and there are three areas that I think you’ll be especially interested in.

1) How he earned his Associate and Bachelor Degree without any knowledge of English when he first landed in San Francisco.

2) The simplest business philosophy Andrew has been constantly applying to grow his 60-million-dollar company.


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About Andrew Ly

Andrew Ly is the President and CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery, one of the largest family-owned and operated bakeries in Northern California with customer worldwide. Sugar Bowl Baker today has over 250 employees, two manufacturing plants and revenue over $60 million dollars. Besides multiple awards from the US Chamber of Commerce MBDA Supplier of the Year, the Asian Business Leadership Award by USPAACC/Wells Fargo Bank, the San Francisco Business Times named Andrew the “Most Admired CEO in the Bay Area”.

Raw transcript 

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