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Success #24 : How This Entrepreneur Built A Global Translation Company (33+ languages) – With Robert Laing


When was the last time you want to translate a large foreign document without going through all hassles?

The chance is very likely!

Google Translator may be still buggy!

The translation agency is even worst because they will charge you deary!

Feel desperate?

Hold up! Here comes the solution.

Robert Laing and his team created Gengo, a global, people-powered translation platform to help you translate over 33 languages with one click.


In this interview, Robert will share with you:

  • How to avoid “sugar-coating” culture
  • The secrets Robert & his team learned from doing business in Japan & grow the company globally.



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About Robert Laing

Robert Laing is co-founder and chief executive officer of Gengo,  a global, people-powered translation platform enabling everyone to read and publish across languages with one click. Gengo’s unique platform consists of a diverse and growing community of more than 10,000 qualified translators from 114 countries working across 34 languages and 58 language pairs. Through its web offering and open API, Gengo enables businesses of any size to quickly and easily connect with a global audience at scale. Clients and partners include YouTube, TripAdvisor, Rakuten and Vestiaire Collective. Founded in 2008, Gengo is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with an office in Silicon Valley.


Success Quote

  • “Create True honesty in Your business.”


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