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Success #8: When Shark Tank Judge Daymond John Did Not Get His Business Idea, Should He Stop? – with Leran Liu


His team, CAMINTEL Participated in the Miller Lite/Shark Tank Competition and the Shark Tank Judge Daymond John told them the cold hard critique “I don’t get it”.

I invited Leran to tell you his experience from the Shark Tank Competition and there are two areas that I think you’ll be especially interested in.

1) #1 lesson Leran learned to compete successfully in the Miller Lite / Shark Tank competition for the Central Region.

2) Discover the motivational tactic Leran used to become Founder of several start-ups companies


Watch the FULL program

About Leran Liu

Leran Liu “Jason” , CTO/Co-Founder of the CAMINTEL Group, a mobile startup that focuses on building capabilities around the proximity technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth.  10 years of rich experience with technology innovations, US/China corporate management, Software development and outsourcing.  CAMINTEL has won several startup contest including the Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, Miller Lite Tap the Future/Shank Tank and UT Dallas Business Idea Competition as well as featured twice in the RFID journal.  Jason had two prior startups and received the MBA from UT Dallas.


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