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Success #23 : You Will Stop Waiting In Line At Costco When You See What This Entrepreneur Created – With Chieh Huang


If you live in North America, you may have heard about one of the biggest wholesale club Costco.

It’s fun to shop there, but it’s a whole day trip at Costco for family.

Is it really?

Yes. Because you spend hours of shopping and then waiting in the LOOOONG check out line.

Waiting in line in this connected world where everyone is carrying a smart phone?

No Frickin’g Way!

And that’s how Chieh Huang and his team created, an online discount wholesale club mobile & tablet app.


In this interview, Chieh will share with you:

  • The number one reason his app went viral with ZERO marketing budget. (Yes, you heard it right! Zero! Nada!)
  • His two powerful beliefs to empower him venture out to learn new skill set such as packaging and inventory management.
  • His thought-provoking belief and vision in mobile commerce despite the risk of leaving the opportunity to double his company growth with investment in desktop commerce.



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About Chieh Huang

Chieh Huang is the founder/CEO of an exciting mobile commerce app enabling consumers to do warehouse club shopping on mobile and tablet. Chieh comes to the field of mobile commerce from a strong background in mobile gaming. As a former Zynga NY director and former CEO of Astro Ape, he launched the #1 game What’s the Phrase. Chieh is a Venture for America Entrepreneur Board Member as well as the Meetup organizer for the NY Mobile Startups group. He is a graduate of John Hopkins University and Fordham Law School.


Success Quote

  • “My 3 Secret Ingredients To Success: Luck & Timing & Hard Work.”


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